Sukuh temple

Borobudur – Cetho – Prambanan, 2 Nights/ 3Days- Rp 5,068,500

Jogja and Solo, Central Java

Borobudur-Sukuh-Seto-Prambanan Rp 5,068,500 incl Air Tickets

Borobudur – Prambanan- Merapi Tours – Rp 4,656,000

2 Nights/3days/person at Rp 4,656,000 included air tickets


Dieng Plateu – Yogja, 2 nights/3days – Rp 4,685,100

Jogya, Jogya

Dieng Plateu - Prambanan incl returned air tickets at Rp 4,685,100


One Day Jogya Trip-Rp 2,358,500/px

Jogya, Jogya

Includes airfare , all mentioned on the itinerary


Restaurants in Jogja

Jogja, Yogyakarta Special Region

Recommended places to eat in Jogja