MELASTI / MELIS Ceremony and Ogoh Ogoh Parade 5 Stars

Melasti is a Hindu Balinese purification ceremony and ritual, which according to Balinese calendar is held several days prior to the Nyepi holy day. It is observed by Hindus in Indonesia, especially in Bali…Mostly the ceremony being held around 3 PM up to sun down . This is just Yearly event before Nyepi/Silence Day should checeked Balinese Calendar to get this stunning experiences .

A night before the silent day in Bali we called NYEPI , there will be an OGOH -OGOH parade attraction , the best seeing this parade either in the center of Denpasar or at Bemo corner kuta , tha parade itself starting at 5PM , end up the oarade will be on the beach they will burned the OGOH OGOH as symbol of EVIL on the beach just next day fater the silence day

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