Young Generation


Kerobokan, Bali

YOUNG GENERATION MASSAGE is an exquisitely decorated, small massage paradise in Bali, Kerobokan, only minutes away from the trendy and fashionable shops and restaurants. It is the ideal place to enjoy a massage treatment before or after shopping or wine- and dining in Seminyak, the place to see and to be seen.

YOUNG GENERATION MASSAGE is lovely adapted in a ruko. From outside, it seems to be an ordinary place. Once inside, you discover an exquisitely decorated massage place, the best of all three, Bali, Indonesia and Thailand.

It has five single massage rooms, all equipped with a massage bed, a locker for your cloths and valuables and a private shower with hot and cold water. Serene spa music and a moderate air conditioned add to the ultimate relaxing atmosphere.

There are well trained male and female therapists. They are willing to serve and indulge you if you are alone or with someone with whom you would like to share a moment of pampering and indulgence. The perfect place to be before or after the long hours of clubbing and bar-hopping, shopping or after an exhausting trip to Bali. The boys and girls will relax and refresh you or relive your jet lag.
YOUNG GENERATION MASSAGE clients are businessmen and –women, expatriates working in Bali and tourists.


Balinese environment with private rooms, including lockers, air condition and cool and hot shower. Private rooms await you to enjoy calm and friendly atmosphere, professional treatments and natural products of YOUNG GENERATION MASSAGE, makes you feel that something has changed in your body, soul and spirit.


Young Generation Relaxing Massage :
(1 hrs – Rp. 130,000.- net)
(1.5 hrs – Rp. 170,000.- net)
This treatment uses a wide range of fragrant oils with gentle pressure to increase the flexibility of the joints. It improves posture and body awareness. This treatment leaves you feeling completely relaxed and your skin feel soft and supple.

Traditional Balinese Massage :
(1 hrs – Rp. 130,000.- net)
(1.5 hrs – Rp. 170,000.- net)
Traditional Balinese Massage use an attractive local technique over the entire body with soft, medium and strong pressure, according your preferences, including the face and head. The technique applies pressure to improve the healing of pulled muscles, sprained ligaments, reduce spasm, scar tissue, pain and swelling.

Deep Tissue Massage :
(1 hrs – Rp. 130,000.- net)
(1.5 hrs – Rp. 170,000.- net)
This massage is special for the lymphatic system and circulation of the lymph fluids. It is created to increase blood circulation, relax the nerves system and reduce stress. The rhythm movement of the massage use thumb pressure medium to strong pressure. It will bring harmony to the entire body.

Foot Reflexology :
(1 hr – Rp. 120,000.- net)
Based on reflexology techniques, improve blood circulation, to relieve stress, tension and fatigue. Builds stronger body resistance.

Back Massage :
(30 min – Rp. 60,000.- net)
An extra touch on your head and back pressure points for a refresher to your body and mind. Helps relieve stress and jet leg.

Natural Facial :
(1 hr – Rp. 100,000.- net)
Using natural products with fresh ingredients and traditional techniques, to clean, refine, restore, hydrate balance your face skin.

(YOUNG GENERATION 2 hrs – Rp. 195,000.- net)
Perfect service with YOUNG GENERATION traditional Balinese massage and body scrub.
(YOUNG GENERATION 2.5 hrs – Rp. 250,000.- net)
Surprise your body and ease your mind with having traditional Balinese massage, natural facial and body scrub.


Our steam room it’s a total body cleansing experience, the humidity open the pores and aids muscular aches and pains and can soften your skin.

(Young Generation 2 hrs – Rp. 200.000,- net)
Perfect service with traditional Balinese massage, steam & jacuzzy
(YOUNG GENERATION 2,5 hrs – Rp. 270.000,- net)
Surprise your body and ease your mind with having traditional Balinese massage, body scrub, steam & jacuzzy.

Business hours : from 9 Am to 10 PM. Reservation should be one day in advance
Open daily, including Sunday: 10 AM 10 PM

For the voucher and reservation please email us at & Booking should be made two days before the treatment.

With Gay Bali voucher get 15% discounts for all treatment

Prices are valid to 31 March 2014, and subject to change.

For the voucher and reservation please call us at (+62 361) 722483 ( office hour only Sunday off) or you could email us at &

With Gaya Bali voucher get 15% discounts for all treatment

High season surcharge apply for period:

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